The Candid Portrait Challenge at Anglo American

We had a challenging request to shoot the people as who they are in Anglo American. The brief was to capture a tight candid headshot of each and everyone for the company to transform the end-product into a huge photo montage of all of them in one big print, showing a big happy family.

After giving it some thoughts, we went about organizing them into small groups of 3 to 4 pax and have them sit around, either in the lounge or meeting room with a nice view. We then had them relaxing and engaging each other in a 3 to 4 way conversation, talking about anything and everything else but work. As they start to get immersed in their small, it is our turn to start to work as we move around, trying our best to capture as candidly as possible the expressions and personality that oozes and flows.

We must admit this was no easy task, even for seasoned shooters like us. Though shooting with a long lens helped, but many of them were still quite conscious of the camera pointing at them and tends to hold back. This was really a time consuming process as it takes time to get each group and individuals warmed up and slightly forget our presence before the good shots came rolling in. You can see some of the photos here. Hope we didn’t disappoint.

Overall, it was a different approach and process from how we usually shoot but we brought something back with us from this experience, which we look forward to revisit and improve upon the next time, definitely.

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