New York! New York!

While the techniques and concept of projection photography (where an image or pattern is projected on to a subject and photographing it) is not new, we have decided to take the concept a step further by merging it with street photography for a fashion shoot. The idea here is to show the contrast and juxtaposition of the modern city life against the old and rustic New York city.

Known as “The city that never sleeps”, what’s more suitable to show underneath the Big Apple’s jagged skyscraper skyline than its nostalgic street scenes, ethnic flavor and infrastructure of the 1960s projected against the bustling icon of the modern city’s working fashion.

The selection of the projection image plays an important role as it sets the story for the scene. However, there are some projected photos that just won’t work (due to its tones and composition), no matter how strong graphically it is. Guess it all boils down to experimentation and trying out.

We experimented with and without the use of strobes for complementary lighting. What you see in the first 2 photos are solely lit by the projector’s lighting (you can tell by seeing parts of the scenes projected on the model’s clothes). For the last 2 photos, a strobe light was used on the model to remove the “overlapping” scenes of the projection from her, giving a cleaner look and a different feel.

And lastly, conversion to black and white completes the transformation. And so this is how it is done, without the need for a time machine.

Model: Charlott (Red Carpet Invite), Makeup: Fiona Teo

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Singapore-fashion-shoot-projection-photography-merged-with-street-photography-01 Singapore-fashion-shoot-projection-photography-merged-with-street-photography-04 Singapore-fashion-shoot-projection-photography-merged-with-street-photography-03 Singapore-fashion-shoot-projection-photography-merged-with-street-photography-02

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