Singapore Police Force Annual Report Lifestyle Photography

One of our more interesting projects recently is the collaboration with another design agency for the annual report of the Singapore Police Force. For this project, we were to conceptualise, art direct and shoot the “divider spread” for each section of the annual report. Timeline was almost impossible to meet, with a mere two weeks to brainstorm and propose our ideas, get the client’s approval, recce for locations, shoot, do post production work and deliver the final images. That is the usual challenge when you work with a sub-par design agency, along with the many “surprises” that comes with it.

Our concept was to come up with a common element or theme that strings and links all the 5 divider images together. We draw our inspiration from the many “first person shooter” type of games that we have laid our hands on before, that is to shoot each and every scene from a police officer’s “point of view” (POV), as though the camera are his eyes. We feel that this wold be a rather interesting idea as we hope each image can bring the viewer into the “shoes” of a police officer in their different daily roles.

Execution was another challenge and we have to experiment with the camera’s focal length and lens perspective in order to incorporate the “officer’s hands” and his equipment seamlessly into each scene so that it looks real. There are also many restrictions on what we can do or portray by the Singapore Police Force, which further limits the amount of creative space we have. But with hard work and perseverance  we still made it through and completed all the scenes on time.

This is a concept we would definitely love to revisit again for future projects with a more comfortable timeline. Building on this first experience gained from of POV shooting, we are sure it would help us refine our thoughts and execution in our next try.

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