The sky is the limit with STAA at Ballarat

We had the opportunity to work with STAA (Singapore Technologies Aerospace Academy) to capture a series of images for their marketing campaign in their new aerospace academy at Ballarat, Australia. For this shoot, we flew to their newly setup academy at Ballarat and were there for a week, literally shooting from dawn till dusk everyday to capture the various aspect of a trainee pilot’s life, ranging from their classroom lectures to simulator and actual flight training, interactions with flight instructors, facilities and equipment, and of course not forgetting the goal of every trainee – to become a full fledge pilot one day. I must say we had great fun living and working with them for the whole full week.

Weather was challenging as ever because when shooting during the dusk or dawn hours, it was so cold that even with our gloves on we were shivering and having a hard time holding our camera and pressing the shutter button through our thick gloves. But we were rewarded and presented with the rare opportunity to execute some air to air shots from another aircraft and air to ground shots to capture the campus ground with its fleet. Overall, it was an enriching experience and we definitely hope that the images captured speaks for themselves.

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